13 Dec

Chinese Medicine Fights Disease

By boosting the body’s immunity ,Chinese medicine is an effective preventive measure for disease. However through massage and acupuncture to stabilise and reinforce energy flow through the body,Chinese medicine has strong curative procedures and treatments. It is also highly recommended for restoring health and vitality after an illness. Chinese Medicine can help you at combat […]

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12 Dec

Preventing Disease in Traditional Chinese Medicine

The sages did not treat those who were already ill but treated those who were not yet ill. They did not try to put in order what was already in disorder from arising in the first place. Treating disease after it has arisen is like starting to dig a well when one is already thirsty, […]

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29 Nov

Obesity and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Obesity and life expectancy A study has shown that obese men with body mass index of 35 or above, have a reduced life expectancy of 8 years. This is a conclusion of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Women of the same age , have a life expectancy reduction of 6 years. Causes of obesity […]

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27 Nov

Concepts of health and illness

Good health depends on the ability of the organisms to adapt to change and maintain balance. The equilibrium is meant to be the balance between the internal organs’ physiology and their influence on external factors such as climate, accidents, viruses and pollution. Sickness is due to the bodies inability to maintain its equilibrium due to […]

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28 Jul

Drink Ginger Tea!

Drink Ginger Tea! Ginger is a wonderful all round health booster! Drink some ginger tea with fresh lemon and honey a pleasant refreshing drink to freshen up your mouth and get rid of chesty coughs. It will give you that extra zing to start your day.

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