Reza Asal trained as a massophysiotherapist in western medicine and specialised in sport injuries massage in Florence in 1990s.  He was the club physiotherapist for a local football team for several years. He had a studio at the Institute of Wushu in Florence where he treated martial artists and athletes for many years.

In 1998 Reza began his three year training in Traditional Chinese Medicine which included acupuncture and traditional Chinese massage. During these three years he also qualified as a practioner of Bach Flower Treatments. After completing his studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reza ran his own studio in the centre of Florence. He is also a teacher of Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) on courses accredited by the Regional Tuscan Council, and regularly spoke at conferences on alternative medicine and Chinese medicine in Italy.

Since moving to the UK Reza has run a studio at Neal’s Yard in the centre of Manchester and also practices in Precious Health in Hale.